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Because that's all I feel like I've been wearing recently...

semi-overcast 5 °C

This last week was both maravillosa and horrible at the same time, mostly because I was sick at the beginning of it and thought I was going to die. Then after that, we went to the aquarium in Gijón and it was super pretty, but la ola de frío that's attacking Europe caught up with me and I'm sick all over again. It's awful. But I -did- get some good pictures while there.



Then this week... well, same shit, different day, more or less. It was a hectic week filled with presentations, papers, projects and highlighted by this upcoming week's problems, too. Exam Monday, test Thursday, trip to Barcelona all weekend to screw me over on any projects I get assigned this-coming week! Yaaaay. Booo.

But aside from complaining about my well-deserved amount of schoolwork for how many classes I'm taking, my host mom was gone this past week. D: I experienced major separation anxiety and it made the week seem much longer than it was. But her daughter-in-law, Margarita, came and cooked for me and Manolo since he doesn't know how to cook very well, and it was nice all the while. I can't believe it's only been a week, more or less. It feels like I just got here all over again! It'll be good to see Carmen. I plan on going out and buying her some flowers to welcome her home.

When I went for prácticas on Friday, I got paired up with a new teacher without my knowledge, and the teacher and the class had expected me to have a 55 minute lecture plan prepared... undoubtedly the longest, most socially-awkward hour of my life. But next week, I'll be prepared! I can talk about pretty much anything I want, which'll make it an interesting experience. The funny part about this is is on my history final last semester, I was asked: If you were to present a 50 minute lecture on something we've learned this semester, what would you base it on, what would you support it with, and how would you do it? Well, this isn't history, but I hadn't really given an exuberant amount of thought toward anything like that until then, and it wasn't until Friday that I realized how hard it actually is. Props to all awesome teachers, it's hard work!

Then, I got a ride home from a professor on the way back, which let me see this...


AWESOME mountain in the distance with snow. If there's anything I like that the cold snap brought, it was that it let me see snow for myself the other day. It was amazing. Snow here, and you'd not believe it, it's actually really different than what we have in the US! It's more compact and less noticeably wet, more like a little, teeny tiny compacted snowball that falls on you. I thought it was amazing, everyone else basically yelled at me to stop encouraging the snow to fall. >_> Fun fact that my family told me; when it gets super-super cold here, it doesn't usually snow because it gets so dry and no real weather passes through. It has to be like, -right- at freezing, so usually when it snows, it just snows and makes the ground wet, but doesn't accumulate. D: Nonetheless, I was psyched.

After I got back, I had an appointment with a peluquera, and I dyed my hair purple. Well, I did it in mechas, because they thought I was insane and wouldn't dye my whole head. It was a scary experience, kind of, because I've never done anything like that before and they whacked off a few inches of hair, too.


I then went to my appointment at the centro de terápia and had an amazing therapeutic massage and my back realigned. It was a lot easier to communicate with them than with the hairdressers because they used a lot less slang and a lot more formal words. :P Lucky for me, in the area of medicine and such, a lot of words go cross-language because of the latin roots. But he was pretty firm nonetheless: I need to get healthier, eat healthier, carry less weight, or by the time I'm 30 I'm going to be in one super-miserable state, probably with a ruptured/herniated disc down at the bottom of my back where I usually have the majority of my pain at. Bleh. So I was good all up until I heard that.

But then I went out and had dinner with mis compañeros de clase at Pizzeria la Competencia and forgot all about that. From there we went to Klint's place and hung out in the warm embrace of his space heater. Then today was a day filled with studying, where all of the cafés I went to were freezing cold because this entire city is stone. x_x; And the general concept of heating is more or less an afterthought. Rachel, you'd love it here. They're big fans of the "if you're cold, just put more clothes on!" philosophy.

Next week we have our trip to Barcelona, so I'll have probably a ton of pictures and hopefully some interesting stories to post then. Week after that, I'm spending my weekend in Valladolid and going to visit my friend Alba who went to my high school as an exchange student. :] I'm looking forward to spending time with her again and letting her show me -her- world, just like I once helped her through mine.


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